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PepsiCo stands out from other U.S. employers

1.99Hours lost per
million worked

What does this number mean? It’s a measure of PepsiCo’s health and safety performance. We work hard to keep our employees safe on the job everywhere.

1%U.S. pay equity
gap in 2021

Using a comprehensive annual review process, we measure pay equity between salaried men and women and between salaried people of color and non-minorities.

$0Employee cost
for training

In 2022, PepsiCo launched myeducation, which lets U.S. frontline and other employees earn certificates, bachelor’s degrees and trade skills without debt.

Flavors that bring smiles

Flavors that bring smiles

Flavors that bring smiles

Snacks Americans love and drinks they thirst for make up the U.S. portfolio of PepsiCo brands, such as Pepsi, Lay’s, Doritos, 7UP and Quaker Oats. Our brands are iconic. At least one of them is probably in your pantry right now!


Frito-Lay employs 55,000 dedicated snack-making employees. Learn more about this delicious division.

Pepsi Beverage

Pepsi Beverage refreshes North Americans every day with juices, coffee, sodas, teas and sports hydration. Drink up!

Quaker Foods

Oatmeal is only the beginning of the products from Quaker. Snack bars, breakfast cereals and rice snacks feed all ages.

InnovationA small global team, one big idea to save water

When PepsiCo made its annual call for The Next Big Idea, hundreds answered. Among them, five women from five countries with the motto, "More crop per drop."

Food for Good in the U.S.

Bobby Scott knows firsthand the impact nutritious meals can have on the life of a child.

He’s on a journey to give back to his Texas community and make sure no child goes to sleep hungry. The Food for Good program is PepsiCo’s global commitment to collaborate to advance food security in the communities where we work and live.

Our cultureCelebrating transgender visibility

Becky Sawtelle, CFO Global R&D and the mother of two transgender children, has a candid conversation about the importance of allyship.

Life at PepsiCoMove for Good: A global challenge turning employee steps into donations

Life at PepsiCo“You got to create some smiles,” says Frito-Lay’s Myron Denson




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